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hi *waves timidly*

*sorry for cross posting*
I'm not too much for posting in communities...I'm kind of shy, in case you haven't noticed, I've only updated in here once or twice, I've been joined since the day I got my journal.
Anyhow, I uhm, came with a somewhat odd request.
I need a friend, an older friend, or someone my age.
Requardless, I have a disorder that makes me feel younger or mentally less capable than anyone over the age of 12.
I do not want someone who is as shy as me, for that means there wont be much talking
I want someone friendly, open minded, someone who can tolerate complaining but not be afraid to tell me to "suck it up" when I'm being far too bitchy.
I want someone to trust, and someone who thinks they can trust me to talk about things as well.
A guy or a girl, I really don't care.
I have friends, but I've realized that sometimes it's nice to have a genuine friend who cares, and you can talk to about anything
for even with my best friends there are some things that I can not talk about without getting people angry.
Yeah, it's an odd, somewhat random request, but I'm sure there are probably other people out there who would want someone to talk with as well.
and...that's my story

If anyone cares and or is obliged to become my friend/oldersister/brother "figure" then you can leave a comment on IM me on AOL at xrosexfellowx

Thank you
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