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Mice Mice Baby!

so my friend sent me to this site:

Harvey the mouse must die

So I am going to share w/ you some mice stories:

-When I was really young my parents found rice (which is appropriate seeing as how we have 40lb bags laying around) Well my parents yelled at me and blah blah blah, but months later they realized it was mice. Poor me. Stupid mice.

-I took my car into the shop last year, and when I got it back, they handed me a bag of dog food and said it was under the hood. Rat Attack!

-After discovering dog food in my car (see above) we put mouse poison around the house. Well, unlike traditional mouse traps: "snap" this they would take back to their nest and share w/ their families and they would eat it, die, and dry up. Well a few months after using this stuff, as I was putting food in my dog's bowl -- a shriveled up dead mouse fell out of the bag. Yum.

-Oh yes, a hoodie w/ mouse ears AND is has 3 dancing mice on the front and it says "mice mice baby!"

That's all.
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