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Here's my post...Im new, be kind!

My name Is Tiffany. This is my first entry.
I like to write when I feel any emotion. Anger. Hurt. Dissapointment. It's better than cutting or crying so it's a hobby I try and keep up :) tell me what you think.

-Untitled-Jan 26-TiffanyC

Excuse me while I fall into a hundred pieces at your feet
My shattered heart would bleed for just one glance
I cry out for any warmth form you and Iam returned with nothing more than your snow covered shoulder

Your soft and tender lips against mine make me wantt to cry out
I want to feel for you
I want the blissful ignorant ways of a young silly couple in love
The fluids in my body turn to ice at the thought of letting anyone close enough to me to love me

This one I was trying to work into a song...

Never What you Wanted-TiffanyC

There goes my life, with every pill, doobie and drink
There goes my life wieth every sleepless night every tear filled word
Im drowning in memories of the way it used to be

it's been so hard all i need is time-the most expensive thing

im loosing myself in the mix of you and them
i wish i wasn't here (whisperd)
Im afraid of the person I could become
Always kindhearted and with a tender sould- the first you bend and break

Im open to critizm, just don't be mean for no reason :D
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